R E E D   K N A U T H // designer + illustrator

SCAD | Vignelli Workshop

Massimo Vignelli 6 Day Workshop Challenge

I was chosen to participate in an exclusive workshop collaboration with esteemed master designer Massimo Vignelli.
The goal was to study the Vignelli methodology first hand and apply his principles to the redesign of SCAD's identity.
All aspects of this project: design, production and photography were created in 6 days, followed by a formal presentation. 

"Make it timeless, simple and modern. Smart comes first." // Massimo Vignelli

In the development of this rebrand, my main goal was to visually simplify the 4 prominent SCAD locations by giving them all equal weight under the SCAD name, thus giving more hierarchy to the SCAD name itself. The logo was simplified with various weight treatments, emphasizing SCAD, not the location. The color red was the definitive choice for the logo and is cohesive across each location. The 8 schools of study SCAD currently offers are shown through an abstract poster, organized through color coding to provide clarity and structure for potential students. 

Project pieces include logo, letterhead suite, double-sided brochure, poster and course catalog.

All photo stock sources: SCAD Admissions